How to fix PST File Issues with Inbox Repair Tool

MS Outlook is the most popular email client and it holds all the emails, contacts, journals, schedules in the form of .PST file format. Since it stores lots of data, there are great chances of corruption. To get rid of those Outlook mailbox/inbox issues, Microsoft has offered an inbuilt tool which is known Inbox repair tool (scanpst.exe). It repairs damaged or corrupted PST files. At times if the corruption is severe then this inbox repair tool may fail to work then you need to take the help of any third party tool.

A reliable tool of MS Outlook is Inbox repair tool. It is also called as scanpst.exe. It is designed to repair corrupted PST database files that have been damaged or corrupt because minor errors. Many Outlook users get failed to repair the corrupt PST files with inbox repair tool because of severe PST issues.

Outlook PST files contain important email items like including contacts, tasks, calendar, and emails. In case of corrupted PST, Outlook users encounter corrupt or damaged .pst files that make it impossible to access all Outlook folders including contacts, tasks, calendar, and email. Of course this can be a huge problem, but not to worry, there is a solution. This critical situation of email data disaster becomes more severe when Inbox repair tool (scanpst.exe) fails to help you. In spite of that, this is a free and reliable tool and it should be tried before looking any third party tool.

Locating the Inbox Repair Tool (ScanPst.exe): By default, the file path of inbox repair tool is as follows:

  • Navigate the below path using Windows Explorer: (For Outlook 2007 – C:Program Files:Microsoft Office:OFFICE12); (For Outlook 2003 & XP – C:Program Files:Common Files:System:MSMAPI:LocaleID)

  • In these folders, you will need to locate the file – ScanPst.exe. Once you run the.exe, you will have to browse to the current location of your most recent.pst file before hitting “Start”.

  • Wait for the Inbox Repair tool to completely scan the damaged.pst file and identify the errors. If the tool can repair the PST file, the scan results report will show the errors that can be repaired.

  • To fix the identified errors, select “Repair.”

  • Transfer the Recovered Data to a New PST File

After the Inbox Repair tool has repaired all the errors it can, a recovered version of the .pst file is created. You must let Outlook know that this is the .pst file that should be used. To do this, you will have to direct Outlook to the recovered .pst file as follows:

  • Start Outlook as you normally would.

  • From the top menu select “Go”, then select “Folder List”.

  • When the Folder List is open, you will be able to see the “Recovered Personal Folders” folder along with all the usual personal folders that contains a “Lost and Found” folder.

  • If the repair was successful you will find the file that the repair tool fixed. If the “Lost and Found” folder is empty, the repair was unsuccessful.

  • If you are able to locate the repaired.pst file, you will have to create a new folder that will house the repaired.pst file.

  • Drag the files from the “recovered” file to the new file.

Steps to Take When the Inbox Repair Tool is Unable to Repair Corrupt Files:

There may be hard time for you when this built in utility is unable to repair corrupt PST files. In such case, you will have to use a third party program that is designed to detect and repair severely damaged .pst files. The Inbox Repair tool is extremely easy to use and is often the first choice when it comes to Outlook inbox repair.

Blog Summary:

In case, inbuilt inbox repair tool of Outlook fails to resolve your MS Outlook issues you should try third party Inbox repair tool. It proficiently resolves all possible errors of Outlook mailbox and recovers your all inaccessible or lost data.